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    The vegetables with properties and benefits to help “nourish the eyes”

    Nourish the eyes with these 6 kinds of vegetables that have the ultimate properties and benefits. Helps to have good eyesight.        Nourish your eyes   with vegetables and fruits. We already know that each vegetable and fruit that is eaten All have properties and benefits for the body Each type of vegetables and fruits is rich in minerals and vitamins. Today, KT Optics would like to recommend 6 types of fruits and vegetables that are beneficial to nourish the eyes and treat the eyes. For those who want to have normal eyes that can be seen without glasses. Bell peppers are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A helps to nourish…

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    “Concentration” and “the power of beauty”

    The story of  “concentration” and “the power of beauty”  It appears that many people like to do concentration. It has everything from good information. What is meditation? What are the benefits? And how to help beautiful women (Read more “Meditation” The power of beauty ) Today, we are how to start practicing “Concentrate” for beauty. And youthfulness Let’s see How To Practice “Meditation” For Beauty? Far away. 6 diseases associated with stress with “concentration” True or not? The “concentration” can help reduce the occurrence of various diseases, especially diseases related to stress such as depression, Alzheimer’s disease. Disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and coronary heart disease. The answer is true! Because all of the aforementioned diseases are caused by various stresses, whether from work, economic conditions, business, including debt. The stress will…

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    The problem of “acne on the back”

    Are you lately preparing to go to the beach? If having to wear a swimsuit, open the back, despite the problem of “acne on the back” a lot of mental distractions Would be frustrated, right? Either on the chest or back, sometimes I lose confidence when wearing a single strapless strapless tank top or even a bathing suit. MIRROR wants to say, don’t worry. In fact, the problem of acne that is difficult to solve at all. We just have to know the reason Fix to the point and use the right product. The problem of “acne on the back” or anywhere is not a big deal anymore. Start by examining our weaknesses from these causes. Exactly what causes our acne.…

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    Benefits of Kimchi

    Kimchi (김치, MC: gimchi, MR: kimch’i Chimche) is a method of preserving food by fermenting red chillies and various vegetables, typically Chinese cabbage.  Kimchi is a food preservation of the Korean people. In ancient times, kimchi is popularly fermented. In the winter and keep long to eat again during the spring season. Popular to ferment vegetables and put them in a Korean jar called Onggi and buried in the ground. Onggi is made of ceramic, just like ours. Keep it underground to keep the temperature of the fermentation cool. Half the refrigerator freezer. This kimchi fermentation, if a normal person like us, will be afraid that Is it safe? Fermented, will the waste be germs, viruses or fungi? Eat and…

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    The nourishing foods for strong hair roots

    Regarding the “beautiful hair” of girls, I believe that many people are experiencing problems with weak, dry, damaged, frizzy hair, or sometimes oily scalp, alopecia, unhealthy hair roots. Leave it bad, what to do? Nuts and grains Because in various beans And grains contain nutrients called biotin, an important substance that helps nourish nails, skin and hair to be healthy and healthy. If lack of biotin can cause hair loss, brittle hair, split ends and premature white hair. Should For beans that are recommended to eat include lentils, green beans, soy beans or peanuts, etc. The sesame seeds cereal Sunflower seeds, pumpkin, etc. are also full of nutrients that nourish hair health, including iron, zinc and…

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    Symptoms of dry skin

    When winter comes, the problem that many women will encounter is dry skin, which is not a serious symptom. It only causes annoyance and discomfort, which is only temporary or may occur for a long time. The symptoms depend on factors such as age, health, environment of residence. Or other causes  Symptoms of dry skin Dry skin may have the following common symptoms.Feeling skin tight, especially after bathing Soaking in the water or swimming.The skin looks rough ,Itching on the skin,Scaly skin, peeling or flaky skin.The skin is dry, cracked and may bleed. Pale skin In most cases, people with dry skin problems can manage it easily. But if the following symptoms occur May need to see a…

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