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    Can reduce sugar but not lack.

    The not secret of actually reducing sugar Believe that many people who are losing weight. Or turn more attention to health All choose to reduce sugar as much as possible Which is considered good But do you know the fact that our bodies still need sugar? Therefore, we should not ban sugar. But choose to eat in small quantities instead. Sugar is something we tend to eat without knowing.  Because it is hidden in almost every menu of our food, drinks and snacks, whether it is food that contains sugar in the process of cooking rice or flour, drinks and desserts is what everyone knows. Better than how much sugar is there? It has been said that Thailand…

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    Talking about with that fortune It is quite important for Thai people. Although this is a personal belief Depending on who believes more or less Especially about fortune- telling for Heng. Anyone can not help but follow the advice of parents, doctors. The more I adjust my luck, I have a fortune or do whatever I do. Get money, gold, go through the pocket all the time. And fortune enhancement, one that is becoming popular It helps with money and money very well, that is, handbags and  wallets.   Especially the wallet that we carry with each other all the time, should choose the right color according to the birthday. It will increase your financial power until you can feel it! And which color is the extra…

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    Hemorrhoids” foods that should be eaten – what should be avoided

    Hemorrhoids are swelling of the blood vessels around the anus. And often causes problems with the digestive system. Many people may experience the intense pain, bleeding, and itching caused by this disease. Especially when urinating But fortunately, this disease can be mitigated. By choosing the right food This article will let everyone know Hemorrhoids What foods should you eat and avoid? Hemorrhoids How important is food choices? That hemorrhoids The disease is caused by increased pressure inside the lower rectal pressure increased, this may be coming from. • To force the stool too hard • Prolonged sitting in the bathroom • Chronic constipation or diarrhea • Being overweight • Pregnancy • Anal sex • Lifting heavy objects regularly • Eating foods that are low…

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    10 foods you should eat – avoid To reduce high blood pressure

    Do you know that the older you get? It is even more vulnerable to high blood pressure because in addition to the body we will eat delicious food. Go into the same Where the body burns less energy Until fat accumulates in the body in different parts (That everyone should know what parts The more time wearing the same outfit Not going to know immediately). Food on the market is not completely nutritious . We will recommend foods that people at risk of having high blood pressure (or those who are overweight) should eat and avoid. Diet can play a major role in the development of high blood pressure. Diets high in fat and calories can result in obesity, which is a common risk factor for the…

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    3 ways to reduce “sodium” in the body urgently After accidentally eating very salty

    3 ways to reduce “sodium” in the body urgently After accidentally eating very salty “Last night secretly ate instant noodles before going to bed Wake up, your face is swollen. ”Many young women may have faced this problem. Even more people who have to work with their appearance every day and what it is. While sitting with makeup, you might be noticeably swollen on your face. This is due to eating a high- sodium diet the night before. Eating very salty foods Or foods high in sodium It can be harmful to your body more than just your swollen face. This may cause a heartbeat and fast, not just the face. But swollen all over To not being able to sleep well at…

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    Atiitude Trends

    Attitude Trends for Consumers that Changed After COVID-19 Has Ended New normal caused by COVID-19   not only affects behavior levels   But it has also created a deep change in consumer attitudes The trend and concept research center of the future, Barami Lab, has published research on Attitude Trends or consumer attitudes that are divided into 5 target groups with different attitudes and behaviors. Lead to different consumer product concepts We ask questions about this group of people with different attitudes. When struck by the Covid-19 crisis, how will they change their attitude? From data collection from target groups 443 examples, we find the proportion of Attitude Trends before and after COVID-19 as follows. FUTURE LAB RESEARCH:…

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    7 things that happen to the body if we eat only “vegetables and fruits”

    At this time, health -conscious people are following the trend of plant-based food. But it’s not completely free from other types of food, because no matter what, eating healthy foods must already complete five groups, but as you get older, focusing on fruits and vegetables can reduce your intake of excess energy. Necessity It is also suitable for the digestive system. And absorb nutrients in the elderly as well. What is a Plant-Based Diet? How good for health? However, have you ever wondered whether If we choose to eat only pure fruits and vegetables Without touching the meat And other types of food. How are our bodies? • The body is undernourished / malnourished Although fruits and vegetables contain fiber, minerals and vitamins…

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    Causes for insomnia and corrective tips

            Getting enough sleep is an important factor in living. The demand for sleep among people is not equal because it depends on age. Infants need to sleep 16 hours a day. Adolescents need 9 hours a day. Adults need 7-8 hours a day.          The life cycle today is changing quickly. People have different lifestyles. Until leading to the birth “Insomnia” or Insomnia, which has many forms of symptoms such as insomnia. Sleepless sleep, keeping secret, wake up all night. Waking up in the middle of the night Abnormal waking up And waking up and not refreshing etc.     7 reasons for insomnia and tips on how to fix it           7 causes of insomnia           1. Environmental…

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    Did you know “Raw bananas – Ripe bananas” have many benefits.

    “Banana” is a fruit that is easily found in Thailand. Until causing many people to overlook And few people will know that “bananas” both “ripe-raw” have many health benefits Which will have what, then can follow together. “Banana” is a fruit that has complete nutrition. Both carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants slow down aging, prevent cancer, relieve stress, and also contain protein. Therefore is a healthy food for children And people of all ages Also, for people who have bad breath Just eat ripe bananas after waking up. And brushing your teeth, bad breath will disappear within 1 week. However, bananas are not only useful to help the “bad breath” disappear. Still has health benefits Including helping to cure or cure…

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    9 brain maintenance foods That is easy to find and has many benefits!

    Because the brain care can easily start from our own behavior. Therefore, starting from eating food each day is the best. These foods will help nourish the brain. Improving your brain health Without the need to use difficult methods at all, plus brain food nourishment. That we present today Still not easy to find. 1. Ginkgo bilobais a medicinal plant used in treatment. Alzheimer’s disease, delusional symptoms, including depression Therefore it is recommended to use to improve the circulatory system in the brain. Because when the brain lacks blood to nourish Inevitably deteriorate and eventually scare Affect brain function and efficiency And is also extracted as a dietary supplement to nourish the brain. 2. Asiatic AsiaticAside from the Gotu Kola helps to cure…

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