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    Benefits of goat milk Healthy milk that many people may not know!

    At present, goat milk is gaining widespread popularity throughout the world. There are only a few countries that are not familiar with goat milk. Especially Thailand That’s because most Thais are accustomed to drinking cow’s milk and still worry about the taste. The smell and benefits of goat milk Therefore do not dare to try many new things In addition, goat milk is also very expensive. But did you know that the benefits of goat milk are even better than cow’s milk? Which, if already aware of the benefits and value of goat milk Believe that many people would like to turn to drink more goat milk for sure Is it true that goats’ milk is better than cow’s…

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    This person’s blood type B for sure.

    Today, I wish to please the young people of Group B with 32 behaviors that can be said this people has blood type B is sure!. To be sure or not for sure, it would have for the people of Group B to confirm each other again. If ready, let’s go. Behaviors that can be said this person’s blood type B is sure. 1. People of Group B are as generous as possible. 2. Group B, Boring time And the brain can move on to the idea of ​​teasing others and will immediately begin to be happy. 3. If you make a mistake but think that you’re not wrong, Group B people…

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    How important of blood donors

    Blood is a red liquid that flows inside the blood tube in the body. By the pumping force of the heart The important organs that are responsible for the production of blood cells are bone marrow. The blood divide into 2 parts, which are 3 types of blood cells, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets. The second part is plasma. Looks like a yellow water. Currently, it is not possible to find any compounds. That is a good substitute for blood.  Therefore, when the body loses blood from an accident, surgery or disease that needs to be treated with blood. Therefore need to receive blood donation from one person to bring to another person in order…

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    Good Fat Foods, Choose The Right Foods For Your Health Benefits.

    Although foods that are high in fat and cholesterol are known to be dangerous to health. Is the cause of obesity, heart disease and stroke.  The fats in the food are both good and bad by consuming foods with good amounts of good fats will bring health benefits. Helps to reduce bad fat in the body. Also may reduce the risk of other health problems as well. What is good fat? High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) is a cholesterol that is beneficial to the body. Serves to get rid of bad cholesterol (Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) that accumulates in the blood vessels Then sent to the liver for removal from the body Consuming the right amount of good fat can…

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    The benefits of calcium the most important nutrient that the body should not miss!

    The benefits of calcium, the most important nutrient that the body should not miss! Calcium is a mineral that is essential to the body. Which most people will know that calcium helps especially to strengthen bones and teeth. But did you know that aside from the benefits of the said calcium. There are still other benefits. Many more and there are hidden secrets too. Therefore, in this article, we will take you to get to know more about calcium. For understanding and correctly eating calcium. What is Calcium? Calcium is a mineral that the body needs for life. Because it helps to strengthen and repair the wear and tear of bones, teeth, skin and hair especially.…

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    What can ketones eat?

    Ketogenic diet , or “Ketogenic Diet”, the main purpose of the ketogenic diet Absolutely avoiding flour and sugar Including other nutrients that can stimulate insulin secretion To press for the release of insulin to a minimum so that the body is in Quito Allister (Ketosis) the use of fat as energy.  what kind of fats that can be eaten by the people of Kito? There are 3 groups of edible fat keto foods that are as follows 1. Saturated fats, such as animal fats Coconut oil, coconut milk, grains, cheese, whipped cream, cream cheese , eat in the proportion of about 30 percent. 2. Monounsaturated fats such as olive oil , avocados, nuts, seeds in singles ( such as macadamia , almond )  by consumption by approximately   50 percent. 3. Polyunsaturated fats such as salmon, fish with a lot of fat, butter by eating about 20 percent.  ( Not recommended to eat vegetable oil because a lot of Omega 6 can cause…

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    Sweat allergic dermatitis

    Sweat allergies are allergic reactions that cause skin rashes which many believe is caused by sweating. Actually, what is the cause? And how to treat Including prevention methods that patients should be aware of so as not to cause severe symptoms that affect everyday life. Sweat allergies are a type of heat caused by urticaria . The heat will stimulate the sweat glands. Causing sweat to be released together with the occurrence of a rash Or some patients may develop an allergic reaction to sweat due to the body creating an antidote or immunity, such as Immunoglobulin on one’s own sweat, resulting in urticaria. How are you allergic to sweat? Sweat allergies tend to occur quite suddenly. And can occur throughout the body But the most common…

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    The vegetables with properties and benefits to help “nourish the eyes”

    Nourish the eyes with these 6 kinds of vegetables that have the ultimate properties and benefits. Helps to have good eyesight.        Nourish your eyes   with vegetables and fruits. We already know that each vegetable and fruit that is eaten All have properties and benefits for the body Each type of vegetables and fruits is rich in minerals and vitamins. Today, KT Optics would like to recommend 6 types of fruits and vegetables that are beneficial to nourish the eyes and treat the eyes. For those who want to have normal eyes that can be seen without glasses. Bell peppers are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A helps to nourish…

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    “Concentration” and “the power of beauty”

    The story of  “concentration” and “the power of beauty”  It appears that many people like to do concentration. It has everything from good information. What is meditation? What are the benefits? And how to help beautiful women (Read more “Meditation” The power of beauty ) Today, we are how to start practicing “Concentrate” for beauty. And youthfulness Let’s see How To Practice “Meditation” For Beauty? Far away. 6 diseases associated with stress with “concentration” True or not? The “concentration” can help reduce the occurrence of various diseases, especially diseases related to stress such as depression, Alzheimer’s disease. Disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and coronary heart disease. The answer is true! Because all of the aforementioned diseases are caused by various stresses, whether from work, economic conditions, business, including debt. The stress will…

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    The problem of “acne on the back”

    Are you lately preparing to go to the beach? If having to wear a swimsuit, open the back, despite the problem of “acne on the back” a lot of mental distractions Would be frustrated, right? Either on the chest or back, sometimes I lose confidence when wearing a single strapless strapless tank top or even a bathing suit. MIRROR wants to say, don’t worry. In fact, the problem of acne that is difficult to solve at all. We just have to know the reason Fix to the point and use the right product. The problem of “acne on the back” or anywhere is not a big deal anymore. Start by examining our weaknesses from these causes. Exactly what causes our acne.…

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