Wrong belief About diabetes, sugar in fruit is the safes?

Confident author That many readers Little has to be heard of some beliefs about diabetes, and one of the myths. About diabetes Which is an issue that comes up often Probably inevitable “Eat sugar from fruit The safest “, which today we will invite you to find answers That diabetics Should I really eat only the sugar from the fruit?

Many people turn to eating fruit instead of dessert. But the truth is good or not.

Many diabetics have to give up their favorite dessert. To keep the sugar level from rising, so fruit has become an attractive choice Because everyone thinks that fruit is healthier and lower in calories than desserts as well.

But in reality Surapee Sermphanitchit Director, Dietetic Association of Thailand And nutrition therapy advisor, nutrition department, Ramathibodi Hospital Used to say that

Fruit eating behavior of people with diabetes has become one of the culprits in blood sugar spikes. Because the fruit contains fructose (Fructose), which, when eaten, converts into glucose. And thus the sugar level In the blood (See more details in Cheewajit Magazine, issue 323, March 16, 2012)

Information from the book. Nutrition and fruit States that the caution in eating fruit for people with diabetes adds that

“For diabetics Although it is reported that Most fruits have a low glycemic index. But the data on the glycemic index of fruit is not complete. Therefore, although diabetics can choose to eat a variety of fruits. But you should be careful about the amount and type of fruit you consume. ”And in conclusion, what can you eat? Read the information above and don’t panic until you don’t dare to eat fruit. Because the sugar in the fruit is not that scary at all We just need to adjust the way to eat to have the right proportion, it will be usable. Let’s start by following the advice of Surapee who mentioned the principle of eating fruits in one meal for diabetics, namely… Super sweet fruits such as ripe mangoes, bananas, can be eaten for 6 bites.

  • Moderately sweet fruit like lychee, pineapple, grapes, edible 8-10 the
  • sweet fruit such as apple, guava, dragon fruit, edible 10-15, the

Diabetes Association of Thailand for further information. Diabetics should choose to eat only 1 type of fruit per meal, 2 – 3 times a day after meals Because eating a lot of fruit at a time Even if it is a fruit that is not sweet Can cause blood sugar to rise In addition, they should avoid dried fruit, scrambled, syrup, compote, and canned fruit.

Should eat fresh fruit. Because it will help control diabetes symptoms well Before choosing to eat fruit Let’s look at the amount of sugar as shown in the following table first. 

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