Talking about with that fortune It is quite important for Thai people. Although this is a personal belief Depending on who believes more or less Especially about fortune- telling for Heng. Anyone can not help but follow the advice of parents, doctors. The more I adjust my luck, I have a fortune or do whatever I do. Get money, gold, go through the pocket all the time. And fortune enhancement, one that is becoming popular It helps with money and money very well, that is, handbags and  wallets.  

Especially the wallet that we carry with each other all the time, should choose the right color according to the birthday. It will increase your financial power until you can feel it! And which color is the extra wallet? Which color is right for me? Let’s look at the wallet colors that complement the fortune according to the 7 birthdays. What colors are there?

Wallet color added by birthday

People born on Sunday.

 Is quite impatient enterprising Likes to take risks and challenges Will be a skeptical person This will make it a person who likes to research, find answers, is not still, likes to seek knowledge all the time. A person who has an intelligent mind in reading and writing Easy to understand But will be quite sensitive

Extra fortune wallet color People born on Sunday are red, black, purple, pink.

Red wallet – helps to reinforce a good family. Receive support from the family

Black and purple wallet – help to increase fortune

Pink wallet – empowering power, wealth and reverence.

A color that should not be used is blue, blue, as this will weaken your imagination and work motivation.

Who was born on Monday.

 Is quite quiet, prudent, likes to think, self-indulgent, does not believe in himself Be optimistic Being a responsible person

Extra fortune wallet color People born on Monday are brown, gold, orange, blue, blue, purple or black, white.

Brown, golden, orange wallet – help with fortune.

Blue wallet – add foster care.

Blue wallet – Extra mercy, lovingly received by adults.

Purple or black wallet – enhances charm, respected people.

White wallet – helps keep finances uninterrupted.

The color that should not be used is red, pink, as it will give the image a gentle and charming. But not worth looking at

Who was born on Tuesday.

 Be straightforward Do anything, do it seriously, like to take risks, like to use your strength, be creative, be an athlete, adaptable, highly patient, have good self-control, love peace, have a good mind.

Extra fortune wallet color People born on Tuesday are pink, yellow, cream, white, gray, silver, blue, blue.

Pink wallet – it’s the color of Tuesday, right?

Yellow wallet, cream-white color – with the habit of Tuesday people with impatience. This group of colors will enhance the gentleness. And more consciousness

The colors that should not be used are black, purple, as this will increase your impatience.

People born on Wednesday are thoughtful.

pondering every time before doing anything. Have the art of speaking Being responsible, impatient, having high leadership, love of family, love of progress. Always think big Can generate money or business related to real estate as well

Wallet colors for people born on Wednesday are green, white, yellow, cream, colorful, blue, blue.

Green, white, yellow, cream, colorful wallets – complementing the charm of the respected people.

Blue wallet – help to bring in wealth.

The color that should not be used is pink because it does not stand out. Not being the focus until being overlooked

Who was born on Thursday.

 A person with sharp intelligence There is a principle and a reason Love justice A wise man who is knowledgeable, calm, secluded, optimistic, weak-hearted, considerate

Extra fortune wallet color People born on Thursday are white, cream, yellow, orange, red, green.

White, cream-yellow wallet – helps to strengthen finances.

Red, green wallet – enhances charm, has patronage.

The color that should not be used is pink, as it will always cause stress or physical exertion.

Who was born on Friday.

 Be a dreamer, gentle, honest, a person who loves beauty, is well-organized, has all-round knowledge, is smart, able to solve any immediate problems. Like to travel, love nature, art, music.

Extra fortune wallet color People born on Friday are green, pink, blue, blue, orange, brown, gold.

Green wallet – helps directly support money.

Pink, blue, blue purse – helps to increase vitality and attract people.

Wallet in orange, brown, gold – there is patronage to support things. Is respected by the people. Colors that should not be used are silver gray.

People born on Saturday.

 Be resolute, steady, thrifty, do whatever, think and do Most of them are smart. Because he is someone who likes to think deeply and is always observant Be a responsible person, impatient, loves progress Always think big Can generate money or business related to real estate

Extra fortune wallet color People born on Saturday are purple, blue, red, gray, silver.

A purple, blue, blue wallet – enhances charm and character.

Red wallet – helps to add fortune and money.

Silver gray wallet – helps to empower your charisma

The color that should not be used is green because it affects the health of the body.