10 foods you should eat – avoid To reduce high blood pressure

Do you know that the older you get? It is even more vulnerable to high blood pressure because in addition to the body we will eat delicious food. Go into the same Where the body burns less energy Until fat accumulates in the body in different parts (That everyone should know what parts The more time wearing the same outfit Not going to know immediately). Food on the market is not completely nutritious .

We will recommend foods that people at risk of having high blood pressure (or those who are overweight) should eat and avoid.

Diet can play a major role in the development of high blood pressure. Diets high in fat and calories can result in obesity, which is a common risk factor for the development of high blood pressure. In a similar way, diet can also play a very important role in the treatment and control of blood pressure. In many cases, patients who focus on weight-loss and diet may stop taking chronic medications that have been prescribed for control of hypertension.

Hypertension is a treatable risk factor for heart disease. By working closely with your holistic nutritionist to modify your diet, you can prevent the consequences high blood pressure has on your health. Check out these top foods that may cause an increase in blood pressure so that you can avoid them.

10 foods you should eat to reduce high blood pressure

• Watermelon regulates blood circulation. And control the expansion of blood vessels

• Celery reduces the stress that causes blood clots.

• Bananas help to balance the sodium intake of the body. And potassium at a rate that is balanced with kidney function

• Olive oil is a polyunsaturated fatty acid. Reduces pressure, cholesterol, makes blood flow easier.

• Garlic contains antioxidants. Prevent cholesterol from sticking to the artery wall

• Brown rice is a good source of energy and dietary fiber.

• Black sesame seeds contain good protein, no fat.

• Cashew nuts Sunflower seeds contain magnesium to help burn fat.

• Fish (Peel Off) Shellfish are good in protein, low in fat and magnesium. Provides energy and strengthens the coronary arteries.

• Low Fat Milk As a source of protein Calcium that supports bones.

10 foods to avoid to prevent high blood pressure

Is food that is salty, sweet or contains sodium content And high bad fats such as

• Fish sauce, soy sauce, various seasonings

• bean paste

• Pickles and various pickled foods

• Frozen foods often contain sodium content. Or highly salty

• sparkling water

• Jelly Candy Crispy Candy Sweet Flavor

• Pork fat, chicken fat, skin

• Alcoholic beverages

• Caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea

• Desserts such as cakes, cookies, donuts, ice cream

Some things may be eaten But don’t eat a lot Or eat it on a daily basis And don’t forget to find time to exercise regularly for better health , guaranteed if you can. High blood pressure is definitely not asking for you. 

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