7 things that happen to the body if we eat only “vegetables and fruits”

At this time, health -conscious people are following the trend of plant-based food. But it’s not completely free from other types of food, because no matter what, eating healthy foods must already complete five groups, but as you get older, focusing on fruits and vegetables can reduce your intake of excess energy. Necessity It is also suitable for the digestive system. And absorb nutrients in the elderly as well.

What is a Plant-Based Diet? How good for health?

However, have you ever wondered whether If we choose to eat only pure fruits and vegetables Without touching the meat And other types of food. How are our bodies?

• The body is undernourished / malnourished

Although fruits and vegetables contain fiber, minerals and vitamins and carbohydrates. But still lacking protein And very healthy fats (Which can be obtained from meat). Fat helps the development of the mind. Give the body energy to perform various activities. While protein keeps muscles strong And increase the efficiency of the immune system as well So if you want to eat food, focus on fruits and vegetables, but still get protein Make sure to eat more whole grains with protein, such as nuts, quinoa, chia seeds, or agricultural protein to meet your body’s needs. In addition, good fats from vegetable oil and olive oil should be taken regularly.

• Not enough power

If you normally have an active activity, such as having to work hard, walking, jogging , etc., but eat fruits and vegetables only. May not have enough energy to do these activities Because eating fruits and vegetables may not get enough energy. For men who need 2,400-2,800 Kcal per day and women who need 1,800-2,200 Kcal per day if we lack protein. And enough fat That may make our body unhealthy. Lack of energy Muscle atrophy And not having enough energy to perform various activities If you want to eat pure vegetables and fruits To get enough energy in one day, you may need 100 cups of chopped cabbage, 23 apples, and a kilo of prunes, so make sure you eat whole grains. Enough to provide energy for daily activities. Not eating just ordinary fruits and vegetables

For plants that provide energy With a choice of bananas Or avocado can Before doing activities that use more energy than usual, such as exercise.

• Some important vitamins and minerals are missing.

There are also some vitamins and minerals that come from meat. Or animal products (milk, cheese), such as vitamin B12, which is important for the nervous system and brain, or iron That contribute to the formation of blood cells Prevent anemia And if you are going to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables to add iron to your body In leafy green vegetables, pressure is accompanied by phytates that are believed to reduce the absorption of certain minerals in the body. Until it can cause anemia

• Reduce inflammation of the body

Coming to the advantages Eating pure vegetables and fruits And control protein intake And fat to fit your body needs It reduces inflammation inside. And outside the body Whether it is inflammation from external lesions Or inflammation from internal organs of the body will gradually Better respectively That’s because proteins that come from meats, cheeses, processed foods are at risk of causing inflammation in the body.

• Weight loss

Of course, anyone who is interested in losing weight , eating more fruits and vegetables can make their bodies less energy consuming than they used to eat meat-based diets. And normal animal fats In addition, eating foods that contain dietary fiber. And more water Can make the body full And good for the digestive system as well.

• Less swelling

Anyone who has ever eaten a diet feels swollen and bloated, this may be due to a diet high in sodium. Eating unhealthy fruits and vegetables is seasoned just like eating meat. May cause us to eat less sodium than before Therefore feeling less swollen However In some people it may have problems digesting carbohydrates. And sugar from some fruits and vegetables Which may cause a feeling of swelling as well So it also depends on each person.

• Lower blood cholesterol levels

It is a pleasure for anyone who wants to lower blood cholesterol. Because if turning to eat more vegetables and fruits seriously The cholesterol in the blood is significantly reduced. And gives better results than taking medicine as well That is because fruits and vegetables are high in fiber. Which is the key to reducing bad fats in the blood as well.

However, eating a diet with a focus on fruits and vegetables is good. But may not have to be completely meat-free You can avoid eating low-fat meats like fish. Chicken without skin To avoid the danger of malnutrition Or get protein And not enough fat But if you are really mindful of eating meat Make sure you get enough protein. Or eat enough good protein, such as eggs, milk and nuts each day. 

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