Causes for insomnia and corrective tips

        Getting enough sleep is an important factor in living. The demand for sleep among people is not equal because it depends on age. Infants need to sleep 16 hours a day. Adolescents need 9 hours a day. Adults need 7-8 hours a day.

         The life cycle today is changing quickly. People have different lifestyles. Until leading to the birth “Insomnia” or Insomnia, which has many forms of symptoms such as insomnia. Sleepless sleep, keeping secret, wake up all night. Waking up in the middle of the night Abnormal waking up And waking up and not refreshing etc.

    7 reasons for insomnia and tips on how to fix it

          7 causes of insomnia

          1. Environmental problems Disturbing noise, too bright or too cramped Makes it difficult to sleep.

          2. Illness such as abdominal pain, body pain Sleep disorders Problems with the respiratory system, coughing.

          3. Stress, anxiety, pressure or depression and discouragement, despair, hopeless in life Think of yourself as worthless Attached to and being too self-contained.

          4. Alcohol, caffeine in coffee, cigarettes or the use of certain drugs may affect sleep.

          5. Empty stomach causes uncomfortable symptoms Hungry up late at night Or too full Causing to have distension in the middle of the night and could not sleep

          6. Sleep conditions such as sleepwalking, nightmares or insomnia until becoming habitual.

          7. Work duties that must be changed regularly, such as nursing staff.


          How to solve insomnia

          – Arrange the bed appropriately Comfortable, suitable for sleeping, quiet, cool temperature suitable Should not turn on the television And if really wanting the body to relax a lot Close all communication tools. So that there is no disturbance while sleeping.

          – Relaxing muscles before bedtime such as massage to relax the body. Warm bath

          – Avoid daytime sleep Or the use of drugs that cause daytime drowsiness

          – When feeling sleepy, must go to bed immediately Go to bed, keep that time the same. Every night on time, the body will remember the time to sleep by itself.

          – Avoid heavy meals Or foods that are difficult to digest before bed Because it will cause upset stomach Due to acid reflux If your stomach is empty, eat light food such as small pieces of bread, warm milk or fruit juice.

          – If can’t sleep To do light activities such as reading, listening to music or meditation When you feel sleepy, go to sleep.

          – Before going to bed should make the brain clear and clear without bringing stress, pressure, disappointment or sad to think. Getting the mind to relax before going to bed. Use the scent to help sleep, such as vanilla, lavender Eucalyptus, Borneol or Chamomile Which helps to relax Relieve stress, calm the mind and relax.

          – Avoid drinking coffee Tea that contains caffeine or soft drinks because it can cause insomnia. And reduce sleep efficiency Reducing alcohol intake Although it helps with sleep If too much can affect the body.

          – exercise regularly But should not exercise before bedtime Because it causes the body to be awake and unable to sleep

          – Consult a doctor or therapist There may be a suggestion to use sleeping pills, relaxation pills to be consulted. Or have a practice schedule to practice sleep therapy

          – Eating foods that are high in magnesium, such as O fish, grouper, snapper, soy beans, peanuts, almonds, cashews, hatchery, pumpkin and bananas because of magnesium Reduce depression And affects the sleep control process.


          However, if we lack sleep Or not enough rest Will adversely affect the body, causing the body system to malfunction Will increase the risk of high blood pressure And cardiovascular system problems The immune system works with reduced efficiency. Slow recovery from various diseases affects growth. There is a reduction in the repair of damaged tissue. Slow recovery from disease The body is exhausted. 
Affecting the metabolic system The body needs more food. There are illnesses such as nausea, headache, constipation or diarrhea. The muscles are not fully functional. Reduced or weakened muscles, weakness, psychological and emotional effects such as anger, mood swings, unstable depression and sluggishness Don’t want to do anything Therefore must take good care of the body Resting and sleeping is also important. Not allergic to consumption or exercise at all. 

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