Did you know “Raw bananas – Ripe bananas” have many benefits.

“Banana” is a fruit that is easily found in Thailand. Until causing many people to overlook And few people will know that “bananas” both “ripe-raw” have many health benefits Which will have what, then can follow together.

“Banana” is a fruit that has complete nutrition. Both carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants slow down aging, prevent cancer, relieve stress, and also contain protein. Therefore is a healthy food for children And people of all ages Also, for people who have bad breath Just eat ripe bananas after waking up. And brushing your teeth, bad breath will disappear within 1 week.

However, bananas are not only useful to help the “bad breath” disappear. Still has health benefits Including helping to cure or cure various illnesses superbly Which will help in what matters then let’s follow.

Gastritis treatment

Banana is a fruit that was especially born to take care of the stomach. Whether diarrhea, constipation, gastritis Resulting in authentic Thai food having Various food made from bananas, both savory snacks and snacks

By using “bananas” for research in the treatment of gastritis, it was found that the results were satisfactory because bananas stimulate the gastric walls to create more mucous membranes. This mucous membrane closes the wound causing the wound to heal quickly. People with stomach ulcers will have better symptoms. The stomach is stronger The chance of getting a wound is reduced. But not reducing the acid that will destroy the body’s natural mechanisms Resulting in the fluctuation of the elements in the body, so bananas are both a treatment and prevention of gastritis at the same time.

In addition, bananas help to relieve stress from the The “amino acid Tripofen” contained in bananas is changed to “Serotonin”, a substance that helps relax, brighten the mood and feel happy. We know that Stress is an additional factor that causes gastritis. Banana therefore helps to treat gastritis as a whole.

Gastritis Remedy

To bring “raw bananas” to slice into thin glasses Dry it at 50 degrees Celsius or dry in the sun until it is dry. Never use higher heat. Because the substance that has the effect of gastritis in bananas will lose or lose its effect Then grind to powder. Eat 1 teaspoon at a time before meals 3 times a day or mix with honey as well.

Raw bananas to cure diarrhea

Raw bananas contain astringent substances called tannins, which inhibit the growth of bacteria. Helps to prevent pathogens from breaking down the intestinal wall. Diarrhea. Banana, which is just beginning to ripen, the skin is still sporadically green. It is both a medicine and a very good food for diarrhea. In addition to solving diarrhea Also helps lubricate the intestines Add waste time to shoot And very high in potassium. Therefore, using bananas to treat diarrhea is equal to the potassium compensated for the loss of diarrhea If the body loses a lot of potassium Will cause abnormal heartbeat In the elderly may cause a heart attack.

Ripe bananas to cure constipation.

Ripe bananas have a draining effect. Due to the large number of pectin. Therefore helps to increase waste to the intestines. When the intestinal wall push to makes you feel like excretion. In addition, bananas have a dietary fiber that the body does not digest, called inulin, which is a food suitable for beneficial microbes in the intestines. Or probiotics Which acts to normalize the digestive system.

The ripe banana cultivar has no strong draining effect. Therefore have to eat 5-6 children a day for at least 7 consecutive days to see results by observing that the stools are yellow.  No bad smell Due to the work of probiotics.  The bananas also help lubricate the excretion.  Do not need to exert a lot of energy.

Banana bananas help eliminate intestinal waste.

The young banana is the core of the young banana tree. Is a local vegetable that is commonly found in the north and the south. Ancient people say that must eat banana curry at least once a year. In order to wrap the residue, such as bones, hair, including the occult that you have left in the stomach. 
From this belief there is a good reason, because the banana composes of mostly insoluble dietary fiber. Those fibers will help absorb dirt. Intestinal toxins Indigestion and also stimulates the intestines to squeeze the waste out. That means reducing the likelihood that those toxins will cause cancer in the digestive tract.

About “Bananas” that you should know

– Eating ripe bananas Should be chewed thoroughly Because the banana content contains 20-25% starch, otherwise it will get bloating.

– Young children should start eating ripe bananas when children start eating ground rice. Which is about 3 months old, by grating the ripe bananas. (Do not take the banana filling because it will cause constipation) to eat a little at a time Not more than half a teaspoon once a day because the child does not have enough starch. May cause bloating Children aged 1 year eat bananas once a day.

– Itchy bites from mosquito bites, ants or rash due to urticaria.Using ripe peeled banana scrub the area for half a minute.

– Women giving birth to new children In the olden days. Bananas were boiled for eating. 

– Banana rubber helps to stop bleeding and disinfect causing no scar.

– Banana sheath can be made into a banana string By scraping the banana trees into strips dry in the sun. If wanting to use in large strips That is durable To knit together Roll for use .

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