9 brain maintenance foods That is easy to find and has many benefits!

Because the brain care can easily start from our own behavior. Therefore, starting from eating food each day is the best. These foods will help nourish the brain. Improving your brain health Without the need to use difficult methods at all, plus brain food nourishment. That we present today Still not easy to find.

1. Ginkgo biloba
is a medicinal plant used in treatment. Alzheimer’s disease, delusional symptoms, including depression Therefore it is recommended to use to improve the circulatory system in the brain. Because when the brain lacks blood to nourish Inevitably deteriorate and eventually scare Affect brain function and efficiency And is also extracted as a dietary supplement to nourish the brain.

2. Asiatic Asiatic
Aside from the Gotu Kola helps to cure bruising in Chinese people consider that Gotu Kola has a very cool effect. Can expel all toxins and inflammation Has sedative effects, nourishes the brain, helps with memory There has been a story that an ancient Chinese physician lived for 200 years because of eating this type of herb regularly. Gotu Kola has been given the nickname “The Ultimate Medicine of Life”.


Real fish as many people know that eating fish is smart. Especially deep sea fish, such as tuna, salmon, etc. These fish are very beneficial to the brain and also help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

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4. Eggs.
Foods that are easy to find, such as eggs, are rich in protein. While also containing choline, which is important for the development of brain function Helps with memory in the brain system While also strengthening and repairing healthy bodies.

5. Garlic

makes us good mood, reduce stress, slow down the degeneration of nerve cells. Help good memory.

6. Carrots

are useful in helping to reduce the rate of stroke, paralysis, paralysis because carrots contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the nervous system and brain. Eating carrots at least once a week will help stimulate the brain. Helps in matters of memory as well.

7. Green leafy vegetables, green leafy

vegetables such as spinach, spinach, kale, Chinese cabbage Rich in antioxidants that help in remembering well.

8. Strawberry

The red color of the strawberry contains anthocyanin. Classified as a powerful antioxidant Helps nourish brain cells.

9. Soybean

Contains phytoestrogen which helps to strengthen nerve cells. Help with memory to remember better.

But if wanting to nourish the brain more than before Ginkgo Plus Brain Dietary Supplement Extracted from Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Not only does it take care of your nervous system, brain, and memory, and it also helps you look smart and energetic!

Who are Ginkgo Plus supplements for?

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