Techniques for brisk walking For exercise to strengthen the heart

Techniques for brisk walking for exercise to strengthen the heart.

Techniques for brisk walking Is a technique that will allow you to walk and get the most benefits. We therefore invite the readers to walk out to exercise. Which is an easy way That helps to improve health with results Ready to relieve stress and help the heart strong. Far away disease.

At london United kingdom Organized a discussion about the benefits of walking and cycling. To promote the economy Helps to stay healthy and create lasting happiness for the society. The National Health Service (NHS) recommended in the discussion that Should observe the amount of time spent Walk that is appropriate each day Children under the age of 5 should walk for at least 3 hours a day. Children between 5-18 years should walk fast and do activities that increase the heart rate, such as jogging, swimming, or exercise. About 1 hour per day.

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In addition, the London Medical and Surgical Journal notes that adults and seniors who walk up to a day 10,000-15,000 Pace will have normal blood pressure Reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Not overweight Resulting in the muscles, joints, ligaments, bones and healthy body to be stronger than others If starting to exercise Must warm up first every time As the original guru of Cheewajit, Professor Sathit Intarakamhang said, “When warming up The body will generate heat. Causing the various parts to become more agile Takes only 5–10 minutes or enough to sweat Gradually began to exercise. “

Walking is not just a physical activity that should be performed frequently and regularly. But it is also an exercise that is correct in accordance with the sufficiency way Helps to live longer and increase the strength to be stable as well. Walking side by side. “Heart” is definitely not sick.

Fast walking. Simple exercise methods. Reduce the risk of heart disease.

4 ways to walk for health benefits

1. walking with heels

Helps to strengthen the shin muscles and help stretch the tendons behind the knees.

How to walk: Stand upright, tilt your toes up, not to touch the ground. Use the heel to walk slowly, about 50-100 steps.

2. Walking with the toes

Helps the muscles be flexible The circulatory system works better. Increase the efficiency of the digestive system.

How to walk: stand up straight, tiptoe the heel up. And use your toes to walk slowly for 70-120 steps. If you feel stiff or sore, take a break and massage for 3-5 minutes.

3. Walk with your feet crossed

Helps increase flexibility for the hips Reduce fat around the waist and thighs.

How to walk: Stand up straight, walk with one foot crossed over the other foot alternating about 150–200 steps.

4. Walk backwards

Stimulates the muscles, nerves and capillaries. Making the brain clear and better balance.

How to walk: Stand up straight, step your feet back with your toes first. Then put your feet on the center of the feet and heels (Do not walk with the sole of the foot on the floor) about 70-120 steps.

Walking Tips

– Should choose shoes that are not hard or too soft. Will be able to absorb shocks from the heel Thereby reducing the risk Joint or tendon symptoms And without any danger If running or walking fast.

-Find natural open spaces Practice breathing in and out deeply. To get fresh air.

– Swing your arms, upper arms, loose hands, or release comfortably, not tense.

– Hold your stomach up to count 1-3 per every 5 or 10 steps to help reduce belly, increase concentration .

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