Sweet potato is good for health

collection of 4 recipes from sweet potato or Sweet Potato in a clean line, full of deliciousness and good health.

              Sweet potato has become one of the most popular food ingredients. Especially those who are clean and healthy Will use purple potatoes to make both clean food and dessert recipes that can be eaten deliciously Can be combined as an ingredient inside the dessert and gives a good flavor without causing fat, resulting in a variety of menus Allowing health-conscious people to eat with better tastes Today I would like to introduce 4 recipes from sweet potato or sweet potato like purple potato that Clean Line must not miss.

1. Purple Purple Brownies

                This recipe is to grind baked purple potato thoroughly and mix with various ingredients such as eggs, sugar and a little salt, add baking powder, canola blender, chocolate chip and add vanilla flavoring. Then spread onto the baking paper tray to bake Decorate your face with cashew nuts in just 40 minutes. You will get a delicious purple potato brownie ready to serve.

2. Purple Potato Cake

                Purple potato cake recipe is a combination of steamed cake flour and steamed purple potato. With rice bran oil, baking powder, chicken eggs and a little vanilla flavoring Along with seasoning it with no sugar Put all the ingredients in a blender and add a little coconut milk for smooth blending. After getting the fine, sweet potato meat, add it to the pot and add the flour, stir the filling. Stir until thoroughly and put on low heat When the meat is thickened, turn off the heat and set aside for a moment and then put into the refrigerator. After that, mix the mashed potatoes with egg and various ingredients. Including a little more coconut milk Ready to blend until homogeneous. Add baking powder, stir until dissolved. After that, take the purple potato filling in the refrigerator to divide into cupcakes and put the cake over. Bake in the oven or steamer for 20 minutes on low heat and medium heat. When the time is up, wait until evening. You will get a delicious purple oil cake recipe for health.

3. Bualoy purple sweet potato and orange sweet potato

                This recipe uses both purple and orange potatoes that are steamed and finely ground. Mix tapioca flour and glutinous rice flour and add a little water until homogeneous. Then put it into a ball As for the filling, grind the purple-orange mashed potatoes into a mixture, mixed with unsweetened condensed milk, granulated sugar and stir until homogeneous, set on low heat. Then, the coconut milk is seasoned with low heat. Add a little salt Put the coconut and sesame seeds together with the mashed potatoes. Set fire to simmer. Keep warm for a moment then add more coconut meat and turn off the heat. Put in a cup ready to serve, sprinkle white sesame seeds to get Bualoy balls with purple and orange filling that give both deliciousness and health benefits.

4. Purple potato, young coconut

           Just steam the purple potatoes and grind them thoroughly. Flavored with sugar, salt, coconut milk and flour, stir well. After that, pour the mashed potatoes with young coconut to mix together. When everything is done, rest for 10 minutes, then choose to use. 
The typography you want and then painted with vegetable oil. Add the young coconut meat to the bottom of the mold and scoop the mixture from the beginning into the mold until fully filled. Then set aside for a moment, then can print out and eat immediately. Or store inside the fridge for 3 days. When you eat it, heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds, then you will get soft and delicious meat. 

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