This person’s blood type B for sure.

Today, I wish to please the young people of Group B with 32 behaviors that can be said this people has blood type B is sure!. To be sure or not for sure, it would have for the people of Group B to confirm each other again. If ready, let’s go.

Behaviors that can be said this person’s blood type B is sure.

1. People of Group B are as generous as possible.

2. Group B, Boring time And the brain can move on to the idea of ​​teasing others and will immediately begin to be happy.

3. If you make a mistake but think that you’re not wrong, Group B people won’t absolutely apologize.

4. When wanting to know something Group B people will slick, sit near and listen quietly.

5. When people in Group B are serious Other people tend to not be able to see (Is this serious?)

6. Group B people rarely use money Want to buy something so not thinking carefully.

7. Group B people have cool ideas. But others say “unacceptable”

8. Like to hurt other people with “words” “gestures” and “eye tail”

9. If listening to sad rhythms Will create the mood according to the song immediately Sometimes I don’t know what that song means.

10. Group B people like to flee alone when the situation is chaotic.

11. Group B people are paranoid It will be a lot when walking alone.

12. Group B people are supporter Like to keep the feeling bursting out quite

13. Can create distress to others.

14. Group B people create color and laughter for people around them.

15. Often have the idea that “Teasing other people is happiness that cannot be found anywhere else”


16. Group B people like to do anything or decide everything at the last second (There is something that has to be anticipated at the end)

17. Group B people are people who can easily feel other people’s feelings. Like a crying friend, will console But instead cried after that.

18. When watching movies / dramas Group B people will also like voiceovers. (Like cheering for boxing)

19. Group B people are good at keeping things. If someone damages the belongings, they can die.

20. Group B people hate most selfish people.

21. Group B people like to say “Never mind” “Nothing” despite Does it have to have something?

22. If there is a problem in your head, you must think too much. Group B people will “frown / raving”

23. People in Group B, when they lose things, like mad before (followed by looking for).

24. Group B people like to talk about other people around the feet. Everyone, we just tease, don’t think too much.

25. Group B people tend to not answer directly to questions about this.

26. The bedroom in Group B I don’t like organizing things, leaving them messy. If organized, I won’t find anything.

27. If doing anything that has materialism, often does not dare to do

28. Group B people, walking alone, will be dark But when being with a close friend, Baptist will break.

29. Group B is lonely and alone, I don’t like having many friends but don’t be lam !! Will not like it very much.

30. Group B will get bored when A is crying when you feel bad or hurt because B is not different from A but keeps better.

Positive personalities traits: Leadership, easy going, positive outlook, confident, calm, outgoing, cautious, loyal, peaceful, passionate, independent, reliable, carefree, trendsetter and devoted.

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