How important of blood donors

Blood is a red liquid that flows inside the blood tube in the body. By the pumping force of the heart The important organs that are responsible for the production of blood cells are bone marrow. The blood divide into 2 parts, which are 3 types of blood cells, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets. The second part is plasma. Looks like a yellow water. Currently, it is not possible to find any compounds.
That is a good substitute for blood.  Therefore, when the body loses blood from an accident, surgery or disease that needs to be treated with blood. Therefore need to receive blood donation from one person to bring to another person in order to save lives in time.

The need for blood donations 77% of the donated blood is used to replace lost blood in various conditions. Such as accidents, surgery, gastritis, childbirth, etc. 23%.
The use of blood for specific diseases such as anemia, talassemia Low platelets, hemophilia, etc.

According to various hospitals across the country divide by the blood needed to supply the daily average blood.
  • groups A, 500 units per day
  • Category B 550 units per day
  • among daily O 800 units
  • among AB 150 units a day

To donate blood. Blood donation is taking excess blood that the body does not need yet for the patients. Which is not harmful to the donor Because each person’s blood supply is approximately 17-18 glasses of water.
The body uses only 15-16 glasses. The rest can be donated to others. Blood can be donated every 3 months because when donating blood to the bone marrow. It is an important part of creating a blood cell to replace.
To have the same amount of blood in the body if not donating. The body will disintegrate the dissolved blood cells. It will expire through the urine, feces, blood donation process since registration began until blood donation is complete.
It takes about 20 minutes. The staff will select to draw blood to the vein in the arm area and collect the blood in 350 (450-450 ml) BLOOD BAG bags (CC) depending on the donor’s weight.

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