What can ketones eat?

Ketogenic diet , or “Ketogenic Diet”, the main purpose of the ketogenic diet Absolutely avoiding flour and sugar Including other nutrients that can stimulate insulin secretion To press for the release of insulin to a minimum so that the body is in Quito Allister (Ketosis) the use of fat as energy. 

what kind of fats that can be eaten by the people of Kito?

There are 3 groups of edible fat keto foods that are as follows

1. Saturated fats, such as animal fats Coconut oil, coconut milk, grains, cheese, whipped cream, cream cheese , eat in the proportion of about 30 percent.

2. Monounsaturated fats such as olive oil , avocados, nuts, seeds in singles ( such as macadamia , almond )  by consumption by approximately   50 percent.

3. Polyunsaturated fats such as salmon, fish with a lot of fat, butter by eating about 20 percent. 

( Not recommended to eat vegetable oil because a lot of Omega 6 can cause the body to increase inflammation. And we can not use that money to pay ).

Suggest to see We only consume half of the fat from monounsaturated fat food. And eat some fish.

Read more when the Kito people have to eat out How to prepare.

1. The meat of all kinds, it was such offal, eggs ( eat it mainly ) seafood , bacon, processed meats. Avoid flour and MSG mixers. 

2. All green leafy vegetables are edible, do not count carbs ( avoid root vegetables Like carrots and all kinds of yardlong beans, pumpkin beans
Tomato, eggplant, cauliflower and broccoli )

3. fats, such as olive oil , coconut oil , butter , oil, nobility, such as avocado, macadamia , coconut milk ( counting carbs too ) Avoid vegetable oil bottles , because fat trans If necessary, apply a little only.

Note : Coconut oil and coconut milk There are short – medium triglycerides that the body will use first. Instead of using body fat That grove, don’t eat as the main fat. Eat fat from other places as well.

4. Dairy products such as all kinds of cheese, authentic butter ( do not eat margarine ), cream cheese , cream , whipped cream.

5. Beans : The beans that are allowed to be eaten are Beans Single (nuts) , such as almond Bijapur eye Paseo cashew ( carbs little bit ) Walnut especially macadamia nut ( nut crazy fat, high -carb later ).

Eat nuts as a snack , but do not forget , because carbs are beyond the Chia seeds (chia seed) seeds, pumpkin seeds seeds and sesame seeds are edible.

We do not eat a bean pods (legumes) such as soy beans , because carbs have increased inflammation in the body. And contains substances similar to female hormones Makes it possible to store more fat.

6. Drinks such as almond milk, tea, coffee ( with whipped cream instead of milk ) , soda water, lemon juice ( no sugar added, stevia instead if wanting to be sweet ) is best Mineral water and water !!!

* All dietary supplements use sweeteners that are not calorie-rich. But also stimulate the production of insulin , therefore should be avoided Or limit the amount.
** alcohol should be avoided because both high calories and high carbs. Drinkable alcohol Occasionally brandy, vodka, gin, wine, rum, whiskey, tequila But if wanting to be skinny, don’t just add more.

7. Fruits such as avocados ( high in fat, even carbs, mostly fiber ) , coconut, lime, lemon, olive, and berries ( limited in quantity ) .

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