“Concentration” and “the power of beauty”

The story of  “concentration” and “the power of beauty”  It appears that many people like to do concentration. It has everything from good information. What is meditation? What are the benefits? And how to help beautiful women (Read more “Meditation” The power of beauty ) Today, we are how to start practicing “Concentrate” for beauty. And youthfulness Let’s see

How To Practice “Meditation” For Beauty?

Far away. 6 diseases associated with stress with “concentration”

True or not? The “concentration” can help reduce the occurrence of various diseases, especially diseases related to stress such as depression, Alzheimer’s disease. Disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and coronary heart disease. The answer is true! Because all of the aforementioned diseases are caused by various stresses, whether from work, economic conditions, business, including debt. The stress will stimulate the body to release substances that are “adrenaline” (Adrenalin) causing the blood vessels to contract. Resulting in the heart beating faster and stronger To pump blood to various organs in the body. Research in foreign countries found that Stressed state Is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease up to 1 in 3, so meditation ” Therefore helping to balance the body Helps to reduce stress. Slowing the heartbeat Resulting in decreased blood pressure followed by Health therefore improved.

3 steps to start practicing “concentration”

The Department of Mental Health has suggested a method of practicing “concentration” by counting breaths. Which can be easily followed as follows

1. Sit or lie down and close your eyes to eliminate all disturbances Breathe in-out slowly Ready to count breaths in – out, ie breath in count 1, exhale count 1, inhale count 2, exhale count 2, continue counting the same way until 5, then start to count 1 again, count until 6 then come back to start Re-count 1 and increase the number to 10. When 10 is counted, it is counted as 1 cycle. Then start counting from 1 to 10 and repeat until your mind is calm and calm. By those who start training for the first time May be counted incorrectly Since there may not be enough concentration Or maybe there are other ideas Arose during breath counting Don’t worry Please try to regain. consciousness. Importantly, when ideas come up Please acknowledge and let go. Do not keep thinking about “concentration” will be better.

2. When the heart is more calm Start counting breaths in and out faster and continuous Inhaling count 1, exhale count 2, inhale count 3, exhale count 4 through 10 and step 3. If counting in-out breaths quickly and without error Shows that the mind is very calm.

3. Use consciousness to recognize the breath in – out. Only Don’t count and do not think of anything at all.

Do 15 minutes a day, only 2 times

Try to follow if we practice “meditation” on a regular basis, taking only 15 minutes 2 times a day, morning and evening or before bedtime. Will make our mind calm, cheerful, cool, clear brain, stress, until stress, so that you and your close ones can feel a change for the better Which meditation practice has been popular with people around the world Research confirms that it has a positive effect on the body and mind. Helps to calm the mind In which the body secretes hormones “Endorphins” (Endorphins) or substances of happiness come out. Helps the nervous system and brain work orderly Improved organ function Can prevent the occurrence of stress-related diseases Importantly, our skin is not stressed as the face is definitely younger.

Okay … I’ve already told you the many advantages. With the story of “Meditation” with beauty and youth. Try How To practice “Meditation” to win youth. Let’s follow How it works. Tell us. Importantly, we have to do it everyday 2 times a day when waking in the morning and going to bed. If anyone is not that convenient. Beginning just before going to bed once a day is good. For beauty and beauty for women like us .

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