The problem of “acne on the back”

Are you lately preparing to go to the beach? If having to wear a swimsuit, open the back, despite the problem of “acne on the back” a lot of mental distractions Would be frustrated, right? Either on the chest or back, sometimes I lose confidence when wearing a single strapless strapless tank top or even a bathing suit. MIRROR wants to say, don’t worry. In fact, the problem of acne that is difficult to solve at all. We just have to know the reason Fix to the point and use the right product. The problem of “acne on the back” or anywhere is not a big deal anymore. Start by examining our weaknesses from these causes. Exactly what causes our acne.

Cause 1: sweat and moisture

Is called the number one cause of “acne on the back” and chest problems Especially for those who are sweating a lot The more the chances of acne than people with less sweat. Because sweat on the skin, whether due to exercise or heat when mixed with dirt or chemicals from the body cream that we use Combined with the oil that is present on the skin May cause pores to clog and cause “acne on the back” or on the body. 

MIRROR recommends : When returning home, take a shower immediately and try to wear clothes that are well ventilated or dry quickly. To reduce the moisture that may occur when sweating a lot Also use shower cream that contains Salicylid Acid to help reduce the inflammation of acne. Or choose a shower gel that doesn’t contain silicone and parabens can help Can be read from the label on the side of the bottle.

Cause 2: skin irritation from clothes worn

Looks like a small spot Near which many people overlook . Do not think that can cause acne, but Lady know that clothes to wear especially strong fabric Synthetic fabric. The fabric is not well ventilated. Or wearing clothes that are too tight on the skin Causing friction on the back and chest at all times When mixed with sweat dampness or detergent residue Causing the skin to cause allergic reactions And can get acne as well.

recommends : Pay attention to fabric selection. Such as cotton, linen or fabrics that are comfortable to wear and not damp. MIRROR recommends choosing the right size. Not too tight To prevent friction with the skin In addition, should keep the clothes clean. 

Not recommended to wear clothes again. The most important thing is to check the laundry detergent used. Try changing it to organic laundry detergent.Take a laundry detergent for children first to see when acne crackle. To reduce residues that are another cause of allergies and acne.

Cause 3: hormones change

Whether it’s during that day of the month of pregnancy or hormonal fluctuations. It is another reason that causes acne as well. Then the cause is not just causing the area only but also on the face as well. Which is enough to go through the conditions Some people disappear like never happened. But some people are either living or disappearing. Therefore, you must carefully observe yourself in order to know how to take care of yourself in the right time. 

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