Benefits of Kimchi

Kimchi (김치, MC: gimchi, MR: kimch’i Chimche) is a method of preserving food by fermenting red chillies and various vegetables, typically Chinese cabbage. 

Kimchi is a food preservation of the Korean people. In ancient times, kimchi is popularly fermented. In the winter and keep long to eat again during the spring season. Popular to ferment vegetables and put them in a Korean jar called Onggi and buried in the ground. Onggi is made of ceramic, just like ours. Keep it underground to keep the temperature of the fermentation cool. Half the refrigerator freezer.

This kimchi fermentation, if a normal person like us, will be afraid that Is it safe? Fermented, will the waste be germs, viruses or fungi? Eat and die !? This is a question in many people’s minds. But if we get to see how Really kimchi We will truly reach the Korean food preservation culture.

In kimchi there are microbes that are good for the body. This microorganism is named “Lactobacillus” is like in Yakult. He will reduce the sugar into Lactic Acid and carbon dioxide, which means that the sugar will gradually decrease. As long as these microbes exist.

When lactic acid occurs, kimchi tastes more sour. When the item is sour or has a low pH, microbes that are toxic to the body cannot grow, similar to “grabbing the base first. The person wins.” If Lactobacillus comes first, multiply first. Capture the Stronghold first. Toxic bacteria cannot grow. 

Benefits of kimchi

1. Rich in probiotics (Probiotics) and Lactobacillus (Lactobacillus) good for the digestive system. Helps to excrete better.
2. Can reduce LDL and Cholesterol .
3. Vitamin A helps to see.
4. Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and Selenium  which stimulate Glutatione for the skin.
5. Prevent digestive cancer, liver cancer. Stomach cancer Small intestine cancer or colon cancer
6. Helps to look young And helps fight free radicals (Antioxidants) as well.
7. High fiber helps to lose weight.
8. Capsaicin (Capsiaicin) in peppers helps stimulate the body’s energy metabolism.
8. Prevent the occurrence of gastric disease.
9. Stimulates the immune system.
10. Helps control blood sugar levels. 

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