Symptoms of dry skin

When winter comes, the problem that many women will encounter is dry skin, which is not a serious symptom. It only causes annoyance and discomfort, which is only temporary or may occur for a long time. The symptoms depend on factors such as age, health, environment of residence. Or other causes  Symptoms of dry skin Dry skin may have the following common symptoms.
Feeling skin tight, especially after bathing Soaking in the water or swimming.
The skin looks rough ,Itching on the skin,Scaly skin, peeling or flaky skin.The skin is dry, cracked and may bleed.

Pale skin

In most cases, people with dry skin problems can manage it easily. But if the following symptoms occur May need to see a doctor

Dry skin that does not improve. Although he had tried his best to heal

Dry skin that comes with redness,Feeling dry, tight on the skin and itching while sleeping Causing discomfort.Scaly skin or peeling skin in a wide area.

Have pain or infection from scratching

Causes of dry skin Most dry skin is caused by environmental factors. Including certain diseases that have effects on the skin to become dry The causes of dry skin that may occur are as follows.

Most of the weather, dry skin occurs during the cold season or when the weather is dry, for example when the temperature and humidity change rapidly.

Air conditioning People who have to work in the air conditioner for a long time often find that their skin is dry.

Soaking in hot water or taking a hot bath If done for a long time, it can cause the skin to dry.

Harsh soaps and detergents Often destroying moisture in the skin Because with formulas and ingredients that eliminate oil in the skin

Other causes, such as those with dermatitis or atopic dermatitis and psoriasis All tend to cause dry skin

In addition, dry skin can be a side effect from certain diseases such as jaundice , diabetes and kidney disease etc.

Treatment for dry skin and various tips

Dry skin is a small matter that can easily find a cure for yourself with the following tips.

Get foods that are high in omega-3

they are essential fatty acids that help strengthen the oil layer to nourish the skin naturally. With foods rich in Omega 3, including salmon, sardines, walnuts and safflower oil.

Consume adequate vitamin C from eating fruits and vegetables. Because vitamin C is part of the process of creating collagen In which collagen is a protein that is an important component of the skin.

Oils or lotions containing vitamin E can help reduce inflammation and increase skin protection.

Be careful not to get vitamin A deficiency because lack of Vitamin A can cause severe dry skin. Can be easily prevented by eating fruits and vegetables such as oranges, carrots, papaya which are rich in alpha carotene, beta carotene and crypto-Santine. Which the body turns these substances into vitamin A and use it when needed.

Coconut oil Can be used to add moisture to the skin

Protect the skin from the sun. Because of the UV rays Is an important part of the skin damage Both aging wrinkles and dry skin.

Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Which is another reason for dry skin.

If chronic dry skin or severe dry skin May need to be evaluated and treated by a doctor or dermatologist, such as those with very dry and scaly skin, doctors may recommend Creams or lotions that are everywhere. Which has a mixture of lactic acid (Lactic Acid) and lactic acid mixed with Urea (Urea) or petroleum jelly products.

Dry skin can cause dermatitis. Which is the cause of skin itching.In this case, the doctor may recommend using lotions containing hydrocortisone. (Hydrocortisone) for the relief of itching etc. 

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